Your parallel future.



When the hour will strike suddenly and our life flashes before our eyes,

And we lose something called ability and no longer can change our lives,

In that state where we’re reminded of our purpose,

Which we were ordered to fulfil before we’re corpses,

After all life was a bit of a flexible test,

And we are as powerful as defenders of an anthill nest,

We forget the reason we were put on this earth, and instead focus on our survival.

To reach true success you must prepare for the future, yet we forget the rest

Why don’t we practice what we preach in the other world, and not limit it only to this one.

After all we need to focus on our future, to achieve any actual outcome.

We do business like immortals and dwell in our success, and as we age we’re mortals young at heart and powerless.

Then what was the logical reason for all those years, you did countless jobs and shed many tears.

At least after reaching your goals did you not think, to complete my journey I feel there is a missing link.

As humans we must never have a time, which we feel we are ready to die.

Remember you are a creation and be grateful for what you have achieved, and ask forgiveness for all those you have deceived.


So before your eyes as your life will flash, and it becomes suddenly worthless all that cash.

You’ll peacefully go knowing you worked hard for your destination, and you have left your own mark your own creation.

Life will hold onto you and not vice versa, jealous you’ve also succeeded in your parallel future.


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3 thoughts on “Your parallel future.

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