‘excessively liberated’.



In this day and age everything is moving fast

As I contemplate the society I live in, I start to understand the task

for I have came to understand that a lesson learnt is not always learnt.

Forgive me for my naiveness but this is underscored by societies discrimination

because in every genius we see pieces of neglected thoughts

I surrender.

But only because I am rendered

and society has left me disabled

because they treat me as a child

it brings up vile every time I think of it

because all great thoughts originate form the youth.

But we are to ‘liberated’ and too young to understand our foolishness.

If only society understood I am capable of giving as much as any middle-aged person

but what is age but a number?

But to tell you the truth we are society, and I will walk defiantly.

B.S (C) 2012

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2 thoughts on “‘excessively liberated’.

  1. naykdpoet says:

    It is a known fact that as the body ages the ability to `see and hear’ becomes increasingly difficult and the want or ability to `re-act’ diminished. `The inquisitiveness of the naive mind leads to the greatest innovations.’ NaykdPoet 2013

  2. I think if I continued this poem I would have like to incorporate a stanza like that. I am glad you see were I was coming from on this poem that was written in frustration.
    thank you

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