‘Ingratiating poetry wrapped in eloquence’.

we heart it

“when they displayed Scheherazade in the third dress and the fourth and the fifth, and she became as she were a ban branch snell or a thirsting gazelle, lovely of face and perfect in attributes of grace, even as saith of her one in these couplets:

She comes like fullest moon on happy night,
                    Taper of waist with shape of magic might.
                    She hath an eye whose glances quell mankind,
                    And ruby on her cheeks reflects his light.
                    Enveils her hips the blackness of her hair-
                    Beware of curls that bite with viper bite!
                    Her sides are silken-soft, that while the heart
                    Mere rock behind that surface ‘scapes our sight.
                    From the fringed curtains of her eyne she shoots
                    Shafts that at furthest range on mark alight”.


This piece of poetry even though I am not a romantic of any sought . I appreciate it because of the flow its depth and  also the way the words are manipulated  by the author so the reader feels like they are their in that moment with the characters. I am quite fond of this particular stanza of the Arabian Nights. Truly fascinating.


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