unmasking our identities


Once in a while I wonder why those Superheroes in books and movies have an alter ego or a secret Identity. Why do they wear masks? and why doesn’t Peter Parker just came out and say,” hey I’m Spiderman do you have an issue with that? ……. Well rhetorically speaking, of course!

As a cartoon addict I’ve always been surrounded with superheroes that have an issue of showing their true identity.

It’s actually kind of similar to the internet. I can be a superhero,too. But when reality hits home and the curtain is lifted off the mirror and this ‘created utopian image’ is shattered into a million pieces of glass in the process revealing the ‘real’ me, the me I see in my morning reflections every day, with dark circles under my eyes, a little too skinny, the need to conform towards societies image.

Reality explodes only to expose an invisible, secret and silent tear that drips into a private chamber called the heart,only to be ambushed by the firing bullets of unanswered questions that laid dormant for a long period of time, beneath the layers of grounds that make deep inner self,me.

Why do I laugh in my cry? Should the unsaid be spoken? What does my pride hide? Where is the truthful truth? Am I a brainless scarecrow,a heartless tin man gone rusty from tears, an armless nobody whom no one hears, but who can sees the truth.

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5 thoughts on “unmasking our identities

  1. yourothermotherhere says:

    They probably wear masks for the same reasons doctors do—to prevent lawsuits.

  2. […] has led to adaptation in culture and how we “interact” with each other. We use masks a lot, but now social networking has just made it much worse; you can fake to be anyone you want. A […]

  3. I agree with you both even though I suspect that the first comment is boarding on a ‘smart arse’ sort of answer nevertheless, it is still an opinion. Social networking I am not really a fan off but it is a great tool when you want to stay connected with friends and so forth, I think that some people abuse it majority of the time which is a shame.

  4. rolerrol says:

    Interesting post I must say. We need to be able to be real. Someone once said, mask wearing is more pronounced among Christians! I don’t know if that is true but we need to stop hiding the truth about who we really are. Transparency is the key to growth.


    • Thank you.On the mask wearing being common amongst christians well I might be the exception. I am not Christian,I do though agree that transparency is key to growth and being the best person one can be.

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