About: Libertyinthedesert


I am underpinned by an ideology similar to that of a great civil rights activist.
on topics such as the palestinian Israeli conflict I side with the views of Chomsky.
I am a 16 year old student who’s ambitions are great.
so come on a journey with me on both political and non political issues concerning as all.
thoughts a greatly welcomed and may the dialogue between as all begin!


6 thoughts on “About: Libertyinthedesert

  1. Your embarking upon the progressive path and sharing your critical thoughts at this early stage of life provides immense hope and boundless optimism for a future, and a better world.
    Looking forward to continue reading your political as well as non political thoughts.
    With comradely greetings and best wishes.

    • salutations
      I agree that it is a progressive path and one greatly discouraged by my teachers as well as my parents but it’s a path I am willing to take and share with the world through this blog as I have realised.
      thank you and the encouragement is greatly appreciated.

  2. ggita32 says:

    Amazing posts. Continue…… please continue. Many are find adversity in taking stands like ours.

  3. naykdpoet says:

    The path to `real’ change starts with the Youth. The challenge commences with the burden to correct the destructive ways of Generations that preceded them without succumbing to the same faults that has led humanity astray. If others like you would recognize this opportunity, humanity might one day reverse the downward spiral toward self-destruction we are obviously headed.

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