Our Broken world.


Humans were born to manipulate,

in this world to stupidly create

A war against themselves called wholly

deception, which was never ordained just their perception

While you are young you’re trained for this cause, good self control answered with applause

Taught that you cannot both at once live,

as an adult and have bad motives

A child expects that they will see

that they were not trained ‘properly’ and of the outcome they will not be at shocked, and learn as a grown up your morals will be mocked

so your wrath; scorn, hatred,disagreement; arrogance and sarcasm

you hide them and in doing so revise your list of many ‘isms’

keep in mind adults are children who have learnt how to behave in public

Therefore, human behaviour can be completely angelic.

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Australian politics most funniest and polemic moments of 2012.


Since the year is nearly finished, I thought I might put together a list of 5 events that occurred this year that were either funny or controversial, That relates to Australian politics in general so after quite a bit of research this is what I have came up with.



1. Exhibit one: 30/5/12 Is titled, Run Abbott, Run, Run, Run.



This happens to be the lovely moment when the  Opposition Leader Tony Abbott makes an attempt to flee the House of Representatives during a vote breaker. Another reason why  I think  that Australian political debates have turned into a  joke but lucky for us we got a free comedy show above all else.


Exhibit 2  : 9/10/12 Gillard labels Abbott a misogynist


I have personally never ever heard of the word ‘misogyny’ in my years of living but Julia Gillard  has taught me a word that would never get me kicked of class because it doesn’t sound like ‘sexism’ but means the same. Another bonus is watching a politician squirm in his seat when he realises he’s in trouble.


Exhibit 3: Alan Jones targeting the prime minister.

alan meme

‘Julia Gillards father died of shame’ said by the none other then Alan Jones.

Alan Jones a radio broadcaster has always not been one to say nice words to the Prime minister, he caused controversy when he addressees some University students and said the following words .

“Last year, Jones said of Ms Gillard: “I’m putting her into a chaff bag and hoisting her into the Tasman Sea.”


“Jones has also claimed her behaviour in imposing the carbon price “borders on the treasonous”, and has agreed with one of his callers regarding Ms Gillard: “Yeah,that’s it. Bring back the guillotine!”(1)



Exhibit 4 : 4/10/12 The infamous text messages that toppled a speaker and became a polemic issue that will forever be in history.



The only Thing I can say about this one is what a disgrace to Australian politics, they should left it private and sorted it out in cosed doors. But neverteless, this is one of the most talked about things in politics this year and I have found out that,” James Ashby will today lodge a fresh sexual harassment claim against former parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper with Fair Work Australia – despite a Federal Court judge throwing out his case last week for being an abuse of the court’s process”.

If you want to read more then click here.


Picture of  Slipper from The Australian.com.au.

Exhibit 5: 5/12/12 Julia Gillard pronounces the ‘end of the world’.

The Prime minister decided to have a try at comedy. I applaud her for showing her critics that she does have a sense of humour, the She says, “she will always fight for us and closes by saying: “good luck to you all”. Oh and “at least this means I won’t have to do Q & A again”.

“When contacted, the Prime Minister’s office said: “What Australian doesn’t mind a laugh from time to time? Anyway, the world’s going to end tomorrow so shouldn’t you be writing about that?”(2) to watch the official video click here.


So this wraps up the list on the most controversial or in some cases, The funniest moments in Australian politics for 2012 .Hope you enjoyed it and can’t wait to see what the next political year to come brings, thats if we do survive.






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‘Ingratiating poetry wrapped in eloquence’.

we heart it

“when they displayed Scheherazade in the third dress and the fourth and the fifth, and she became as she were a ban branch snell or a thirsting gazelle, lovely of face and perfect in attributes of grace, even as saith of her one in these couplets:

She comes like fullest moon on happy night,
                    Taper of waist with shape of magic might.
                    She hath an eye whose glances quell mankind,
                    And ruby on her cheeks reflects his light.
                    Enveils her hips the blackness of her hair-
                    Beware of curls that bite with viper bite!
                    Her sides are silken-soft, that while the heart
                    Mere rock behind that surface ‘scapes our sight.
                    From the fringed curtains of her eyne she shoots
                    Shafts that at furthest range on mark alight”.


This piece of poetry even though I am not a romantic of any sought . I appreciate it because of the flow its depth and  also the way the words are manipulated  by the author so the reader feels like they are their in that moment with the characters. I am quite fond of this particular stanza of the Arabian Nights. Truly fascinating.


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‘excessively liberated’.



In this day and age everything is moving fast

As I contemplate the society I live in, I start to understand the task

for I have came to understand that a lesson learnt is not always learnt.

Forgive me for my naiveness but this is underscored by societies discrimination

because in every genius we see pieces of neglected thoughts

I surrender.

But only because I am rendered

and society has left me disabled

because they treat me as a child

it brings up vile every time I think of it

because all great thoughts originate form the youth.

But we are to ‘liberated’ and too young to understand our foolishness.

If only society understood I am capable of giving as much as any middle-aged person

but what is age but a number?

But to tell you the truth we are society, and I will walk defiantly.

B.S (C) 2012

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Apartheid in the 21st century and many more human rights violation.




The following video is an articulate review of the rights and grievances of Palestinians living in Israel and in the Palestinian lands occupied by Israel.
Roger Waters, speaking on behalf of the Russell Tribunal, delivers a very nicely put speech in front of delegates on International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. This day also marks an important development in the Palestinians’ bid to statehood as they are now recognized as a non-member observer state. Hopefully the world sees both sides of the story and that both conflicting parties go into negotiations towards a two-state peaceful solution and put an end this long and dragged out conflict. Enough is enough!
Roger Waters UN Address
received FROM

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Your parallel future.



When the hour will strike suddenly and our life flashes before our eyes,

And we lose something called ability and no longer can change our lives,

In that state where we’re reminded of our purpose,

Which we were ordered to fulfil before we’re corpses,

After all life was a bit of a flexible test,

And we are as powerful as defenders of an anthill nest,

We forget the reason we were put on this earth, and instead focus on our survival.

To reach true success you must prepare for the future, yet we forget the rest

Why don’t we practice what we preach in the other world, and not limit it only to this one.

After all we need to focus on our future, to achieve any actual outcome.

We do business like immortals and dwell in our success, and as we age we’re mortals young at heart and powerless.

Then what was the logical reason for all those years, you did countless jobs and shed many tears.

At least after reaching your goals did you not think, to complete my journey I feel there is a missing link.

As humans we must never have a time, which we feel we are ready to die.

Remember you are a creation and be grateful for what you have achieved, and ask forgiveness for all those you have deceived.


So before your eyes as your life will flash, and it becomes suddenly worthless all that cash.

You’ll peacefully go knowing you worked hard for your destination, and you have left your own mark your own creation.

Life will hold onto you and not vice versa, jealous you’ve also succeeded in your parallel future.


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Human resistance a polemic issue.

Human resistance a polemic issue.

Everyone should consider these words, not many people know their rights as humans or as countrymen and women weather this is due to lack of education or other reasons. I do not know, but what this man has said I hold it to be true.We should all know our rights resisting a government that is both oppressive and a regime is not illegal nor is the Palestinians and egyptians that are fighting for their human rights illegal or wrong so let us all not be ignorant, to what people say let us be  independent of biasses

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Education eradicates all forms of discrimination.


Nelson Mandela a man I greatly admire, who payed 27 years of his life to be given the same rights as any man(white man of course). I think Racism and any other form of discrimination weather it be religious or towards a gender is unacceptable. I think we can all solve these issues by educating each other just because someones skin colour is darker than another persons, it does not give others the right to treat them as slaves or as lesser humans and just because someone believes in an entity that is different  to ours it doesn’t mean that it automatically gives us the right to be vulgar or in considerate. I urge you to not hate, but rather educate yourself and try to understand this persons beliefs and if colour is an issue then I don’t understand how white is  better then brown or why brown is better then white. I agree with Mark Twain ( who I don’t agree with on some cases) when he said, “I have no color prejudices nor caste prejudices nor creed prejudices. All I care to know is that a man is a human being, and that is enough for me; he can’t be any worse.” ~Mark Twain

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‘Creative craftsmans sweet-sounding poetry’


‘…I said, “A line will take us hours maybe;

Yet if it does not seem a moment’s thought,
Our stitching and unstitching has been naught.
Better go down upon your marrow-bones
And scrub a kitchen pavement, or break stones
Like an old pauper, in all kinds of weather;
For to articulate sweet sounds together

Is to work harder than all these…”‘

Adams curse,W.B Yeats

This stanza reflects the amount of work and dedication that goes into producing sweet sounding poetry or great literary work. ‘The creative artist, imposes order upon the chaos of his material by a process of elimination and  Organisation’. Sometimes I miss the part of organisation or even the elimination because I have so many ideas that I want to put out but, In the end my work would not sound polished or refined but actually like a lunatic. Someone with so much to say but in the process nothing is heard because he cant communicate it properly. Another factor is the fact that people take writing weather it be an article or a poem like its the most easiest thing to write and that a writers is not sometimes given enough credit. I know that personally when I write or I have a block my friends would look at me as if I am crazy one actually said, ‘writing is not rocket science I don’t understand your difficulty’. Never treat a writer weather they are a journalist or author of a book as if there job is not as hard as other professions, because truly a writer is a craftsman and also a creative artist always trying to make their work appear as a organic structure.

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End of the world and long range missiles.


Apart from the 12/12/12 end of the world manifestations by many people (including our Prime Minister who made her comedy debut ) around the world and the hysteria felt by many has been escalated  by another issue that has been circulating from the BBC to The New York Times who are all reporting on the same issue. The 3 part North korean rocket which was successfully launched and stayed in the air till it reached its designated destination, unlike the first one which was launched in April this year which ended in an discommodious flop of a Missile launch in front of the International community. But North korea is saying that it is a satellite and that it entered orbit, Well the rest of the world is saying it is a long range missile. But if it ‘s a long range missile. In my opinion I think that it should be Internationally banned. The use of Missles and Atomic Bombs aswell as the use of Biological weapons hasn’t the world learnt from its lessons when American airforce dropped Little Boy on the city of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945, followed by Fat Man over Nagasaki on 9 August the result of this was devastating. We should look back into the history books and learn from our mistakes.

In a sense I fell a sense of hipocrasy occuring as I was reading this it brought up two devastating events, the first one was the one I mentioned above. The second one is a chemical weapon called ‘White phosphorus’, “In November 2004 the U.S. Army used phosphorus munitions during an offensive in Faluja, Iraq. Burned bodies of civilians hit by the phosphorus munitions were shown by the press, and an international outcry against the practice followed. “Initially the U.S. denied that it had used phosphorus bombs against humans, but then acknowledged that during the assault targets that were neither civilian nor population concentrations were hit with such munitions. Israel also says that the use of “incendiary munitions are not in themselves illegal.”

If the International community want North Korea to conform then there shouldn’t be double standards for different countries International law should be applied fairly no matter who the country is weather it is North korea or America.

Quotation from:http://www.haaretz.com/news/israel-admits-using-phosphorus-bombs-during-war-in-lebanon-1.203078


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