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US Navy Seals Commander who is famed for Osama Bin Laden death commits ‘Apparent Suicide’.

US Navy Seal Commander Job W Price

US Navy Seal Commander Job W Price, Photograph: AP

In Hyderabad SEAL Team 4 Commanding Officer Job W. Price commited suicide. He and his team were famed for finding and then killing Osama bin Laden.

Commander. Job W. Price, 42, died Saturday, Dec. 22, of a “non-combat-related injury while supporting stability operations in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan”. He has left behind his wife and daughter.

A suicide of an Officer of this rank usually surrounds controversy by the media and also from critics of the killing of Osama Bin Laden, as the team was best known for killing Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 1, 2011.

At the time Price was in Afghanistan supporting stability operations in Uruzgan Province. He was assigned to an East Coast-based Naval Special Warfare unit based in Virginia Beach. Price’s was also assigned the task of coordinating all of Team 4 missions.

SEAL Team 4 which price coordinated is among eight SEAL team which are deployed. SEAL Team 6 though is best known among them for uncovering and then killing Osama bin Laden.

A military official made a statement regarding the death and said, “appears to be the result of suicide”. The official spoke on the of status of ‘anonymity’ because the death is still being investigated.

Smith added: “As we mourn the loss and honour the memory of our fallen teammate, those he served with will continue to carry out the mission.”.

Read more here: US Navy Seal’s ‘apparent suicide’ in Afghanistan under investigation (Guardian, Dec 25, 2012):


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