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unmasking our identities


Once in a while I wonder why those Superheroes in books and movies have an alter ego or a secret Identity. Why do they wear masks? and why doesn’t Peter Parker just came out and say,” hey I’m Spiderman do you have an issue with that? ……. Well rhetorically speaking, of course!

As a cartoon addict I’ve always been surrounded with superheroes that have an issue of showing their true identity.

It’s actually kind of similar to the internet. I can be a superhero,too. But when reality hits home and the curtain is lifted off the mirror and this ‘created utopian image’ is shattered into a million pieces of glass in the process revealing the ‘real’ me, the me I see in my morning reflections every day, with dark circles under my eyes, a little too skinny, the need to conform towards societies image.

Reality explodes only to expose an invisible, secret and silent tear that drips into a private chamber called the heart,only to be ambushed by the firing bullets of unanswered questions that laid dormant for a long period of time, beneath the layers of grounds that make deep inner self,me.

Why do I laugh in my cry? Should the unsaid be spoken? What does my pride hide? Where is the truthful truth? Am I a brainless scarecrow,a heartless tin man gone rusty from tears, an armless nobody whom no one hears, but who can sees the truth.

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Our Broken world.


Humans were born to manipulate,

in this world to stupidly create

A war against themselves called wholly

deception, which was never ordained just their perception

While you are young you’re trained for this cause, good self control answered with applause

Taught that you cannot both at once live,

as an adult and have bad motives

A child expects that they will see

that they were not trained ‘properly’ and of the outcome they will not be at shocked, and learn as a grown up your morals will be mocked

so your wrath; scorn, hatred,disagreement; arrogance and sarcasm

you hide them and in doing so revise your list of many ‘isms’

keep in mind adults are children who have learnt how to behave in public

Therefore, human behaviour can be completely angelic.

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Your parallel future.



When the hour will strike suddenly and our life flashes before our eyes,

And we lose something called ability and no longer can change our lives,

In that state where we’re reminded of our purpose,

Which we were ordered to fulfil before we’re corpses,

After all life was a bit of a flexible test,

And we are as powerful as defenders of an anthill nest,

We forget the reason we were put on this earth, and instead focus on our survival.

To reach true success you must prepare for the future, yet we forget the rest

Why don’t we practice what we preach in the other world, and not limit it only to this one.

After all we need to focus on our future, to achieve any actual outcome.

We do business like immortals and dwell in our success, and as we age we’re mortals young at heart and powerless.

Then what was the logical reason for all those years, you did countless jobs and shed many tears.

At least after reaching your goals did you not think, to complete my journey I feel there is a missing link.

As humans we must never have a time, which we feel we are ready to die.

Remember you are a creation and be grateful for what you have achieved, and ask forgiveness for all those you have deceived.


So before your eyes as your life will flash, and it becomes suddenly worthless all that cash.

You’ll peacefully go knowing you worked hard for your destination, and you have left your own mark your own creation.

Life will hold onto you and not vice versa, jealous you’ve also succeeded in your parallel future.


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Disguising thoughts with influences.


The French philosopher Voltaire wrote,

“There are some that only employ words for the purpose of disguising their thoughts.”

This is a lesson that I learnt the hard way. I didn’t realize that when an author writes their  personal beliefs and views have an  influence on their writing. I also in this process realized that my choice of using quotes and sources was also selected( the one best suited to what I wanted to say) and the fact that I wanted to show my perspective on something but rather instead of a 16 year old saying something that would most likely not be even considered or looked at  I use,  nani gigantum humeris insidente‘ which is Latin and in English is a metaphor that means Dwarfs ‘standing on the shoulders of giants ‘ with the  current  interpretation meaning “One who develops future intellectual pursuits by understanding and building on the research and works created by notable thinkers of the past”.On the other hand,  I came across this well I was dong a Modern History assignment and I was browsing through the web and came across an expression by Isaac Newton whereby, he pronounced that  the reason that he had come so far was that he was,standing on the shoulders of giants and his exact words were ‘If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants‘. So from that day on I sat on the shoulders of giants, the academics and the experts in the area that are credible unlike a 16 year old girl just stating unsupported arguments.

that’s why you see people as Voltaire said that people, ” Employ words for the purpose of disguising their thoughts.” I think that I am even guilty of this in this post  because I am using Voltaire words to get my voice heard were in truth I could  have coined my own version of it. I  confess that I am guilty of what Voltaire is talking about but, I guess so is everyone.

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Amicus Plato — amicus Aristoteles — magis amica veritas
Plato is my friend — Aristotle is my friend — but my greatest friend is truth.
-Isaac Newton

I think this quote is one of my favourite not because it talks about the truth but rather, it symbolises that Science and philosophy are not on opposite spectrums but rather one is an extension of another.

Amicus Plato — Opposite spectrums

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