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unmasking our identities


Once in a while I wonder why those Superheroes in books and movies have an alter ego or a secret Identity. Why do they wear masks? and why doesn’t Peter Parker just came out and say,” hey I’m Spiderman do you have an issue with that? ……. Well rhetorically speaking, of course!

As a cartoon addict I’ve always been surrounded with superheroes that have an issue of showing their true identity.

It’s actually kind of similar to the internet. I can be a superhero,too. But when reality hits home and the curtain is lifted off the mirror and this ‘created utopian image’ is shattered into a million pieces of glass in the process revealing the ‘real’ me, the me I see in my morning reflections every day, with dark circles under my eyes, a little too skinny, the need to conform towards societies image.

Reality explodes only to expose an invisible, secret and silent tear that drips into a private chamber called the heart,only to be ambushed by the firing bullets of unanswered questions that laid dormant for a long period of time, beneath the layers of grounds that make deep inner self,me.

Why do I laugh in my cry? Should the unsaid be spoken? What does my pride hide? Where is the truthful truth? Am I a brainless scarecrow,a heartless tin man gone rusty from tears, an armless nobody whom no one hears, but who can sees the truth.

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‘excessively liberated’.



In this day and age everything is moving fast

As I contemplate the society I live in, I start to understand the task

for I have came to understand that a lesson learnt is not always learnt.

Forgive me for my naiveness but this is underscored by societies discrimination

because in every genius we see pieces of neglected thoughts

I surrender.

But only because I am rendered

and society has left me disabled

because they treat me as a child

it brings up vile every time I think of it

because all great thoughts originate form the youth.

But we are to ‘liberated’ and too young to understand our foolishness.

If only society understood I am capable of giving as much as any middle-aged person

but what is age but a number?

But to tell you the truth we are society, and I will walk defiantly.

B.S (C) 2012

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